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Zwigato Movie Review: Comedy King Kapil Sharma, who will make eyes wet, enters the screen as a delivery boy.

The lives of many people changed due to the lockdown and the Corona epidemic. One of the hundreds of such people comes director Nandita Das with the story of a young man who lost his factory job and now works as a delivery boy on a food app. Interestingly, he has chosen comedy king Kapil Sharma for the serious hero of the film. Nandita Das has given sensitive justice to the film on a topical subject but the slow pace of the story and weak screenplay make it a poor film.

The story of Zwigato

The story of the film begins with Manas Mahato’s dream where he is seen discussing a job form with a beautiful girl. Just then his eye opens. Manas has lost his job due to Corona epidemic. As such, he takes up a job as a delivery boy in a food delivery app to support himself for 8 months. Manas and his family came to Odisha from Jharkhand only in search of better job and life. But there is no end to life’s challenges. His household consists of wife Pratima (Shahana Goswami), an old and sick mother and school going boys.

How will the family spend the days?

While working as a delivery boy, he realizes that his life has become a machine for deliveries, ratings and running. His wife Pratima goes to work as a massage therapist to support the household and her husband financially. But it does not get proper success. Then he starts working on night duty as a cleaner in a mall. However, Manas is not happy with his decision. Manas, who abstains from alcohol and cigarettes, gets his ID blocked when one of his clients falsely accuses him of drinking alcohol. He is fired without his side being heard. Now what will Manas do to run his house? Will his wife clean the toilets and bathrooms of Pratima Mall? Can this family survive? All these questions will be answered in the film.

Review of Zwigato

After ‘Firak’ and ‘Manto’, director and actress Nandita Das’s third film satirizes India’s economy. A food delivery boy’s ratings, intensives and performances are ironic in this film. It also shows gender discrimination within the family. Nandita Das has also shown the division of class and caste. When Pratima goes for a massage in a rich building, she is told to go by the service lift. which shows this division.

Heart touching dialogues

The film also depicts the angle of laborers and unemployment. There are also meaningful dialogues in the film like if you are a laborer then you are forced or say, if you are forced then you are a labourer. The disparity between the rich and the poor is also well illustrated. Rich people can easily afford even an avocado while a common man has to wander for weeks to earn that amount.

Where is the defect?

‘Zwigato’ touches on several social and economic issues but the film’s biggest problem is that it is extremely slow. The first part of the film moves at a very slow pace and there is a sudden interval. You hope that there will be some twist in the second half of the film, but the second half doesn’t get that momentum either. However, the ending is happy but it is suddenly revealed and cannot be connected with. Cinematographer Ranjan Palit has succeeded in portraying the life of common people through the streets of Bhubaneswar.


When Kapil Sharma got an opportunity to do something different from his imprint as a comedian, he didn’t waste it. Kapil Sharma plays the role of Manas. In the film he is seen depressed, disappointed and unhappy but this is the characteristic of his character. Shahana Goswami’s acting as Pratima is strong. With Ladhan of Jharkhand she beautifully portrays the familial and social heterogeneity in the form of a wife. Swanand Kirkire, Gul Panag and Sayani Gupta have been seen in small roles. The supporting cast suits the story.

Why watch?

People who love meaningful and serious movies can watch this movie.


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