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Xi Jinping mentioned the dispute with Taiwan and control over Hong Kong in the CCP meeting

Xi Jinping Speech in Communist Party Congress: The Congress (meeting) of the Communist Party has been held on Sunday (October 16) to elect the next president in China. Chinese President Xi Jinping, while addressing the 20th Congress of the Communist Party, counted his achievements regarding Taiwan and Hong Kong.

According to the news agency Reuters, Xi Jinping said that China has gained complete control of Hong Kong and changed it from anarchy to rule. He said that China has also fought a great struggle against Taiwan’s separatism and is determined and capable of opposing territorial integrity. Along with the action taken on Hong Kong, Xi Jinping also defended military aggression against Taiwan. Jinping said that to ensure security, he protected the country’s dignity and core interests.

What did Jinping say about Hong Kong?

According to China’s official news agency Xinhua, Xi Jinping said, “In view of the incidents of riots in Hong Kong, the Central Government exercised its overall authority over the Special Administrative Region as per the Constitution of China and Hong Kong for the Special Administrative Region.” stipulated in the Basic Law of Kong.” He said that it was ensured that Hong Kong is ruled by patriots after the restoration of order.

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Jinping said this about Taiwan

Regarding Taiwan, Xi Jinping said, “We have fought vigorously against separatism and counter interference in response to separatist activities aimed at independence and the provocation of external handicrafts in Taiwan.” He said that China has asserted its sovereignty. Has demonstrated its resolve and ability to defend and oppose Taiwan’s independence.

Jinping said such a way to protect China

The Chinese President said that in the face of changes in the international scenario, the country has maintained a firm strategic resolve and shown a combative spirit. As a result of these efforts, we have protected China’s dignity and core interests and placed ourselves in a good position to ensure development and security.

Said this about zero covid policy

According to Xinhua, President Xi Jinping defended his Corona policy. He said that his government put the lives of the people at the top and firmly followed the zero-covid policy.

Experts say that Xi Jinping may get another five-year term. They say that Xi Jinping will either be re-elected as the general secretary of the CCP or be newly elected as the president of the CCP. The post of CCP president has been dormant since 1982 and was once held by Mao Zedong.

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