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With the launch of Jio 5G, this is how it can be used without changing the SIM

jio has launched 5G service. Currently, users can avail the 5G service only in selected cities of the country. If you are also thinking about 5G or want to use 5G service in your smartphone, then we are giving you some information so that 5G service can be started in your smartphone.

Jio is continuously working on 5G. In these circumstances, any user who wants to use 5G service will have to install the My Jio app in their phone. Because here notifications are sent to users. The notification provides information about Jio 5G. Only selected people will get this notification. In this scenario, people who get this notification can use 5G network on their phones.

Update will be sent to Apple and Samsung users. 5G cannot be used without updating the smartphone. Even if your smartphone and Samsung are both working on 5G update. According to reports, Samsung may issue a 5G update.

SIM will need to be updated
There is a question about 5G SIM in the mind of these people, so to clarify for these users, you don’t need to change the SIM. Just your SIM will be updated. The report claims that you have to visit the store once to update the SIM. After sim update you can use 5G. Currently work on update has not started. Soon Jio and Airtel are going to launch it for all users.

5G service will change people’s lives a lot

It is worth mentioning here that 5G technology has been launched in India and the next generation technology has been launched by Airtel and Reliance Jio in some cities. The introduction of this service in the country will bring many benefits and help in many sectors. People’s lives can be made more comfortable and equipped.


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