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Why would Rishi Sunak be a good PM for Britain? understand in five points

Rishi Sunak as British PM: With becoming the Prime Minister of Britain, Rishi Sunak has made many achievements in his name. He is the youngest prime minister in the UK’s more than 200-year history. He is the first person of Asian and Indian origin to occupy the top post of British power. He is the first black prime minister of Britain.

According to reports, Rishi Sunak is the richest leader in the House of Commons of Britain. In 2015, he became an MP for the first time. Prior to this, he was the Finance Minister of Britain. Many experts are of the opinion that Rishi Sunak will prove to be a good prime minister for Britain. Let us understand through five points.

1. Handled the economy in the Corona period

Rishi Sunak rose in rank in the Conservative Party in 2020 to become one of the youngest Finance Ministers. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit Britain, Sunak rejected the Conservative leaders’ idea of ​​avoiding the risk of an economic slowdown by borrowing heavily. This made him one of the most popular politicians of the country. He was praised for helping businesses and laborers.

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A picture of him had surfaced. Through this picture it was revealed that there was a sense of solidarity behind their rescue plans. In fact, Sunak posed for a picture outside the Downing Street office with the heads of Britain’s largest trade union group and a major employer group. However, that solidarity later disappeared as Britain emerged from a crisis of additional debt of £400 billion and then plunged into a subsistence crisis.

Earlier this year, Sunak’s stock fell along with the public, surveys showed. This was attributed to concerns about the livelihood of the public, she was angry that Sunak had increased the payroll tax while his wife had avoided the British levy.

2. Tory MPs trust Sunak

It is being told that Tory MPs have given this responsibility to Sunak as their support to get Britain’s economy out of the crisis. Sunak’s supporters say the former finance minister will be right in restoring Britain’s credibility with investors selling bonds and sterling, following the mini-budget brought by Liz Truss for tax cuts.

However, Sunak, a former Goldman Sachs analyst and hedge fund partner, faces challenges within the governing Conservative Party. That is why while announcing his candidature, Sunak had to show that he has a track record that shows how he can bring the economy back on track, unite the party and work for the country. Huh. He had said, “The government I will lead will have honesty, professionalism and credibility at every level and I will work day and night to get the job done.”

Sunak’s supporters say that after the turmoil in the markets due to the so-called mini-budget of the truce, fears of rising government borrowings and mortgages and closure of pension funds were looming. Sunak is the only person who can improve the economic condition of Britain. At the same time, after the withdrawal of Boris Johnson from the PM’s race, his supporters have also supported Sunak. Johnson, however, did not make public who he supported after withdrawing from the PM race. Due to this, he has also started being counted among the popular politicians.

3. Sunak has a special quality

Experts believe that Rishi Sunak has all the qualities to become the Prime Minister. Leadership expert and consultant David Craig White told Metro News that he believes Rishi Sunak has the leadership qualities to serve as PM. He said Sunak is patient, professional and has a data presentation style, which makes him a perfect fit for Downing Street. White said Sunak’s calm and creative style would help him win public trust and that his communication skills set him apart from the rest. He said he stood shoulder to shoulder with Boris Johnson during one of the most challenging times the country has ever faced and while his teammates were nervous and lacking confidence.

Sunak always appeared calm, confident and creative and always ready with an action plan. People need leaders who can be trusted to take the right decisions to run the country. White said Boris had his own special way of communicating but Rishi Sunak had his own way that could make him a good leader. He said, “I do not believe that anyone in the country trusts any politician. They just look for the one they feel can trust more than the other options.

4. Rai remains expert on Sunak’s track record

Amanda Goodall, Assistant Professor at Bayes Business School, says that Sunak is still young, his upbringing has been excellent, will be able to take everyone along in Parliament, I don’t know. Anna Sanders, a politics lecturer at the University of York, said that we know about Sunak’s record, so we can guess what he can do.

Anna said that earlier he had promised to reduce the basic rate of income tax from 20 per cent to 16 per cent and the Conservatives were trying to show financial prudence at this low tax. It is unlikely that we will see any major spending and I doubt we will see a huge increase in public spending but I think secondly that he said earlier that there is a need to return to traditional economic values. “Sunak said earlier that we need to return to traditional honesty and responsibility because this is not a fairy tale,” Sanders said.

5. Sunak will move ahead with the ground reality

Anna said that when Sunak was the chancellor, then and now the situation has changed. He said the economic scenario has changed since he was in office. Anna said that the way people had relied on the truss, it gives an idea of ​​how they will deal with the economy and Sunak will have to take a clear stand towards them. He said that Sunak tried to portray himself as a realist while Truss made promises beyond his capacity which led to his downfall. “I think Sunak will avoid half-baked policies that haven’t been thought of,” he said.

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