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What is the reaction of world leaders on Rishi Sunak becoming British PM? Learn

Reactions over Rishi Sunak: British MP of Indian origin Rishi Sunak has finally become the Prime Minister of Britain. On Tuesday (25 October), he met King Charles III of Britain at the famous Birmingham Palace in London. Actually, meeting with the King or Queen of Britain is part of a formal courtesy for the coronation of the British PM. So the last time Liz Truss became PM, Queen Elizabeth II was alive and Truss met her. King Charles III asked Sunak to form the government. Now all eyes are on his cabinet.

Rishi Sunak, 42, is the youngest prime minister in Britain’s more than two-century history. At the same time, he is the first person of Indo-Asian origin to occupy the top post of power in Britain. He is also the first black prime minister of Britain. Sunak has come to power by promising economic reforms like Liz Truss, but there is a fundamental difference between the announcements of the two leaders. Truss had come promising tax exemption, Sunak does not have such a plan. Sunak has been Britain’s finance minister for a short time during the Corona period. His work was also appreciated, so he is assuring him of his track record.

PM Modi congratulates Sunak

In the opinion of experts, Sunak is eloquent, realistic and PM material. Reactions are coming from all over the world on the success of Sunak. Since Sunak is the son-in-law of India, apart from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, many leaders and celebrities have reacted to Sunak.

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Tagging Rishi Sunak, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted, “Heartiest congratulations to you on becoming the Prime Minister of the UK, I look forward to working together on global issues and implementing the 2030 roadmap. A special Diwali greetings to the living bridge of British Indians as we transform our historic ties into a modern partnership.”

Anand Mahindra said this

Anand Mahindra, chairman of Mahindra Group, who is very active on social media, tweeted, “At the time of India’s independence in 1947, Winston Churchill reportedly said, “All Indian leaders are of little capacity and commitment without adequate means.” Will be the person to show. Today, in the 75th year of our independence, we are set to witness the coronation of a man of Indian origin as the Prime Minister of Britain. life is beatiful.”

Many leaders of India were also involved in controversy on social media praising Sunak. These include Congress leader Shashi Tharoor and PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti. These people expressed in their reactions that will the minority ever occupy the top post in India? On this, there has also been a counterattack from the ruling BJP at the Center.

What did Liz Truss say?

Liz Truss, who was Britain’s shortest PM, has also congratulated Sunak. Truss had recently become the PM, leaving Sunak behind. Liz Truss tweeted, “Congratulations Rishi Sunak on being appointed as Leader of the Conservative Party and our next Prime Minister. You have my full support.

Emmanuel Macron said this

French President Emmanuel Macron hopes that Sunak will participate in dealing with the impact of the Ukraine war on Europe. Macron wrote in the congratulatory message, “Congratulations to Rishi Sunak, who became the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Together we will continue to tackle the challenges of this time, including the Ukraine war and its many consequences for the world and Europe.

Pakistan PM congratulates

Pakistan is also happy with Sunak’s success. Some Pakistanis have expressed happiness that Sunak’s grandparents were born in Pakistan’s Punjab, so they have an old relationship with Pakistan. At the same time, Pak PM Shahbaz Sharif wrote in his congratulatory message through Twitter, “Congratulations to Rishi Sunak, leader of the Conservative Party and being nominated as the next Prime Minister of Britain. I look forward to working together to advance Pakistan-UK shared interests and further deepen our enduring partnership.”

Israel’s Finance Minister said – Sunak is our true friend

Israel’s Finance Minister Avigdor Liverman wrote, “I congratulate Rishi Sunak on becoming the Prime Minister of Britain. I and Sunak met during my visit to London in the same year. He is a true friend of Israel and I know that we will continue to work together to promote the common interests of both countries.

This reaction from Ukraine about Sunak

Oleksandr Kornienko, Deputy Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament, congratulated Sunak. He said he welcomes Sunak as a colleague. He said that once again congratulations to the British people for moving towards stability. According to a Ukrainian website, both Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak are good for Ukraine. According to the website, what Sunak has said so far about Ukraine is reassuring.

US President Biden praised Sunak

Till the time of writing the news, there was no official statement from US President Joe Biden regarding Sunak. However, he praised Sunak during the Diwali celebrations at the White House. Till then Sunak had not met the King of Britain. Biden termed the election of Rishi Sunak as the British PM as a wonderful and unprecedented milestone. He had said, “Sunak is expected to become the prime minister, I think tomorrow when he goes to meet the king, it is very wonderful, an unprecedented milestone and it matters.”

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