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What is red velvet cake? How Does It Taste (Easy Recipe Inside)

The characteristic that makes cakes so attractive is the way they look, and red velvet cake takes credit for its bright crimson-red color. It is also known for its softness and velvety texture which makes it popular among all cake lovers. In fact, it has a distinct fan base that remains bound by its distinctive taste and appearance. Even though red velvet cake has been around for a long time, not many people know about it or have tried it yet. If you are also new to this cake variety, then let us give you some more information about it.

What is the flavor of Red Velvet Cake?

Red Velvet Cake is essentially a chocolate cake, but with a very mild chocolate flavor. It is combined with a slightly tart and acidic taste – all mild but together taste heavenly. A touch of vanilla essence gives a floral aroma and adds to its sweetness. Cocoa is generally bitter but when mixed with all the ingredients, a bittersweet chocolate-like flavor is produced.

Now you must be thinking that if Red Velvet Cake is a chocolate cake, then what is it that makes it different from the regular chocolate cake. read on.

Chocolate Cake Vs Red Velvet Cake:

Both chocolate cake and red velvet cake are made with cocoa powder but it is less used in red velvet cake. Also, it is finer, spongier and softer than chocolate cake. Its complex flavor and texture come from additional ingredients missing in chocolate cake.

What are the ingredients used in Red Velvet Cake?

In addition to cocoa powder, buttermilk and vinegar are added to the cake to give it a sour and acidic taste. The frosting is made from cream cheese and a red food coloring agent is added to give it its signature color. Traditionally, beetroot was added to cakes for color but modern-day bakers prefer to go for food-grade coloring agents.

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How to Make Red Velvet Cake Classic Red Velvet Cake Recipe

Here we bring you a simple recipe for a classic red velvet cake that you can make easily. Click here for the step-by-step recipe for Red Velvet Cake.

Like we make all other cakes, the dry ingredients like cake flour, baking soda, cocoa powder and sugar are mixed separately and the wet ingredients like eggs, butter, vegetable oil, vinegar, red food color and vanilla essence is mixed with. The cake is divided into two baking pans to bake and layered with Cream Cheese Frosting to finish.

If you want to try Red Velvet Cake, then this easy cake recipe is perfect to make for your loved ones.

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