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Suella Braverman had opened a front against India, now there may be a confrontation with Rishi Sunak on visa

Suella Braverman: Rishi Sunak of Indian origin has sat in the power of Britain, after which all the Indians living there have many expectations from Sunak. The biggest issue is currently related to visa, on which India and Britain are constantly negotiating. British Home Minister Suella Braverman of Indian origin had targeted India fiercely regarding this visa issue. After which he had to resign due to some other reasons, but now once again Suela’s Rishi Sunak has returned to the cabinet. After which there is a lot of discussion in the Indian community about his stand. It is also believed that a confrontation can be seen between Sunak and Suela regarding this issue.

What is the whole matter?
In fact, Rishi Sunak had to face defeat in the election for the post of PM in Britain. After which Liz Truss took over the power of the UK, but as soon as he came to power, the country was surrounded by more economic crisis and Liz Truss had to resign in about 45 days. But in the midst of this short tenure, a statement by Home Minister Suella Braverman remained in the discussion in the Liz Truss cabinet. Which he had given to the Indians.

What was Suella Braverman’s statement
Suella Braverman had said that India is not doing well in the ‘Migration and Mobilit Partnership’ (MMP). Suella had said during an interview that the largest number of Indians stay in the UK even after their visa period is over. This may increase the influx of Indians in Britain. He had said that it is not right for Indians to open the country’s border, I do not think that people voted for Brexit for this. Responding to Suella’s statement, the Indian High Commission then said that we await ‘concrete progress’ on some of the promises made by the British government under the MMP signed last year.

Rishi Sunak defends
There was a lot of discussion about this statement of Suella of Indian origin. However, a few days later, he had to resign due to violation of the ministerial code. A few days later, Liz Truss also resigned from the post of PM. When Rishi Sunak came to power, Suella Braverman also returned with him. Although the allegations of endangering the national security of the country are not leaving him behind, his opponents are questioning his appointment regarding this and there is a demand for an inquiry. At the same time, PM Rishi Sunak defended Suela and said that he has apologised.

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Could there be conflict over visa issue?
Now the stand of Suella Braverman as Home Minister is in front of everyone regarding the matter of ‘Migration and Mobilit Partnership’ (MMP) with India. In such a situation, the question arises whether Rishi Sunak will allow him to do this? The deal with India regarding business visa has not been finalized yet, with Rishi Sunak becoming the PM, it is expected that a big decision can be taken on this matter soon.

Now Suella Braverman’s stand has been very tough for the overseas Indians, she has opposed the India-UK trade agreement. In such a situation, speculations are being made of a confrontation between PM Rishi Sunak and him regarding this matter. However, there is also an argument that it is because of Sunak that Suela has been able to make a comeback and he is defending her on every front. In such a situation, Suela would not want to collide with Rishi Sunak on any issue.

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