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Saudi Arabia is building a new city for flying cars, ready to end dependence on oil economy

A new city named Neom is about to settle on the edge of the Red Sea at the edge of the desert of Saudi Arabia. The city will have flying cars, robots to do household chores. A city filled with dark beaches and deserts will have billions of trees.
Saudi Arabia envisions a city free of cars and carbon. Which is 170 km long in a straight line in the desert. This project is being called the ideal city of tomorrow. A city where humanity will move forward without harming the earth’s environment. Neom will be a futuristic eco city, built according to Saudi Arabia’s environmental goals.
Which fuel is Saudi Arabia eyeing?
The city of Neom is part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, in which it has decided to shift the bulk of its economy from oil mining. It is a $500 billion project. The project was first unveiled in the year 2017. Unveiling, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said that the city to be built 170 km to the north-west of the country will be free of cars and roads and have zero carbon emissions. 


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Area Bigger than Kuwait or Israel
Neom City It will have an area of ​​26,500 square kilometres. In a BBC report, Niom’s developer Ali Shihabi has claimed that the area of ​​this city will be bigger than Kuwait or Israel. According to the website of NEOM, this mega area will be ready by 2025. But in the meantime, the question arises whether it will be possible to build such a huge and state-of-the-art city, which can survive without putting pressure on the environment in the middle of the desert.
In addition to this project Inside there will be a city floating on water named ‘Oxagon’. This eight-sided city will be the world’s largest floating structure, which will be spread over a kilometer.
The website of the NEOM project has claimed that this huge The first phase of the project will be completed by 2025. Although its website sometimes resembles a novel containing science fiction stories.
The project’s developer, Ali Shihabi, according to the BBC, said that it would be good to imagine such a city. It may seem impossible, but ‘The Line’ will be built in several phases. Actually this city will be settled in a straight line 170 km long, which will be named ‘The Line’.
of Barcelona "superblocks" The city will be like  
The project developer said, "People say this project is madness. Its cost is very high, but it is being made in a phased manner." He said that the city was traffic-free to Barcelona in Spain. "superblocks" will be of sorts. There will also be shops and schools so that people can get what they want at a distance of 5 minutes. It is claimed that when this city is fully settled, then the journey from end to end will be completed by hyper speed trains, in which even the longest journey will not take more than 20 minutes.
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Aside where  Saudi Arabia has started work on this dream project, while on the other hand this project is also being criticized and supported. Critics are calling this beloved project of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman “greenwashing”.
They believe that the country’s construction of this project is the country. This is being done to divert attention from the real problems. This ecological giga project is in line with the Prince’s vision to make Saudi Arabia more eco-friendly.
On the other hand, supporters of the Neom project say that the country needs to build a smart and sustainable city powered by wind and solar power. 
Who is NEOM for?
This city will be located between the Red Sea coast and the mountainous border of Jordan. People of the traditional Hutet Bedouin tribe are already living here. One benefit from this project will be that jobs will be created here, which will lead to development of backward areas. But the local population has not yet shown any benefit.
Talking to the BBC, human rights activists said that two villages were evacuated for the construction of the project. From there 20 thousand Hutet people have been removed. They have not received any compensation.
A question is also arising whether the conservative country Saudi is ready to make such a developing country. Actually. The country whose women are still fighting for their rights, that country is its own & nbsp; Will be successful in fulfilling Vision 2030.  
image change Saudi Arabia
Actually last few Over the years, Saudi Arabia has been constantly trying to change its image. In the last few years in Saudi Arabia, many such decisions have been taken regarding women, which proves this point. A few days ago, the Saudi Arabian government announced the exemption of women performing Hajj or Umrah to come to Haj without a mahram i.e. a guardian. The government said that there is no danger to women in Saudi Arabia, this decision was taken in view of this. 
Hajj without Mahram (Male Guardian) Apart from this, Saudi Arabia has made many major changes regarding the rights of women. Prince Mohammed bin Salman is being praised for taking such big and bold decisions. This young prince has always been in discussion about his revolutionary decisions. We are telling you about some such decisions taken by the Saudi government. 
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