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Russians are running away from the country, Putin’s announcement caused panic

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The Russo-Ukraine war doesn’t seem to be over. Even after seven months in this war, neither Ukraine is ready to bow down nor is Russia in any mood to spare. A large number of army personnel are being killed in the war from both sides. Meanwhile, on September 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization of troops to maintain the required number of troops. After this announcement of Putin, crowds of Russian citizens are gathering in the European countries bordering Russia. A large number of people are leaving the country. It is difficult to tell the exact number of people leaving Russia, but on the basis of media reports and data released from neighboring countries bordering the Russian border, this number is being told in lakhs. The independent Novaya Gazeta, citing sources in the Russian presidential office, Kremlin, said on 26 September that 261,000 people had left the country since the mobilization campaign began. However, there are many different types of people involved in this. For example, family members of people who have joined the army and other passengers are also included in this.

One-way air tickets in Russia up by 27%
The statistics of plane tickets sold in Russia are also showing that a large number of people are going out of Russia, but they are not coming back. The most surprising thing in this is that the number of people buying the number of one-way tickets is increasing rapidly. Last week i.e. between September 21 and September 27, the number of one-way tickets sold 27 percent more than the previous week. It is worth noting that these figures are from Spain’s ForwardKeys, which analyzes air reservation bookings.

At present, three lakh soldiers are to be recruited in the army in Russia.
Significantly, amidst the fear of a major war, a large number of youth are being recruited in the army in Russia. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu himself announced on 4 October that three lakh youths are to be recruited in the army at this time. Along with this, he also told that 200,000 people have been recruited so far.

Where are Russian citizens going
Therefore, a large number of Russian youth and their parents are leaving the country for fear of losing their lives by enlisting in the army. These people are moving to different countries according to their convenience. Some outgoing Russians have turned to Kazakhstan. Significantly, Russia has the longest land border with Kazakhstan. The special thing is that Russian people can go there without passport and visa. In this regard, while sharing the information on 3 October, the Ministry of Home Affairs of Kazakhstan said that since September 21, more than two lakh Russians have come to the country. Along with this, he told that during this time 147,000 people went out of here. He said that where was the last destination of these people, that is, for which country they went, it is not clear yet. At the same time, according to the Georgia Interior Ministry, between September 21 and September 29, 68,887 Russian citizens entered Georgia. Along with this, he told that during this time 45,624 people went out of Georgia. The special thing is that in both the countries it is not known how many Russian nationals going out of there have gone to which third country.

Apart from this, a large number of Russian citizens are moving to Finland. In fact, Finland has a 1,300-km-long border with Russia, which is the main route for Russians to enter the European Union. Statistics from Finland show that the number of Russians coming to the country’s border from the south has doubled after 21 September. Significantly, between 21 September and 5 October, 59,975 Russians came to Finland from four checkpoints. Many of these people went to other countries and only 36,116 Russians returned home.

100 percent increase in the number of citizens going to these countries from Russia
Forwardkeys, a firm that analyzes air reservation bookings, reported the number of passengers leaving Russia for Istanbul, Tbilisi, Almaty, Tel Aviv and Dubai for the week ending September 27. There has been an increase of up to 100 percent. There has been a growing number of Russians visiting the German embassies in Armenia, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Belarus to gather information about visiting Germany and the European Union after Russian President Putin launched an army mobilization campaign. .

Turkey is favorite destination for Russians
By the way, Turkey is a favorite place for a picnic for Russian citizens. But, after the announcement of army recruitment, the number of Russian passengers and flights coming here increased. A man who arrived in Turkey from Russia told the media that he had come to Turkey to avoid joining the army. A glimpse of this is also visible in the official figures. By the end of August alone, the number of Russians visiting Turkey was 3 million, a 22 percent increase from the previous year.

Russians visiting the European Union and other countries in Europe
The European Union has also confirmed that there has been a massive increase in the number of Russians coming here from Russia after Putin’s announcement of army recruitment. According to EU data, 66,000 Russians arrived in different EU countries between September 19 and 25. The report said that this figure is 30 percent more than the previous week. These figures have been released by the European Union’s border agency Frontex.

Russia bans the exit of eligible soldiers in the army
However, after this, the number of people traveling from Russia to Europe dropped to 53,000 in the week starting 26 September. The fall in the number of Russians going to European countries, Frontex has attributed the strictness of EU visa policy and prohibition of people of military age from leaving Russia. According to Frontex, most Russians coming to the European Union already had residence permits or visas, and some were also dual citizens.

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European countries are banning the entry of Russians
The neighboring countries of Russia are facing a lot of trouble due to the large number of people moving out of Russia. Therefore, these countries are even imposing restrictions on the entry of Russians. Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and Poland have agreed to stop giving tourist visas to Russians from September 19. At the same time, Finland has also imposed this ban from 30 September. Now only Norway’s Arctic border with Russia is the last direct route for Schengen tourist visa holders to come to Europe. However, on 30 September, Norway’s Justice Ministry made it clear that if needed, it could issue an immediate order banning people from Russia from coming to Norway. Meanwhile, a spokesman for the German Interior Ministry said that Germany’s constitution provides for political asylum. However, such people will be allowed to enter the country only after investigating individual cases. Along with this, he said that due to the limited routes of coming from Russia to Germany, we estimate that fewer cases will come. At the same time, France’s junior minister of European affairs, Laurence Boon, announced that it would be decided whether to allow them to enter the country or not after looking at the personal situation and security threats of the people.

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