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Putin had ordered the use of the atomic bomb, the shocking claim of the expert, who stopped the destruction?

Moscow : Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened nuclear strikes several times. He ordered his nuclear forces to be on alert when he attacked Ukraine eight months ago. Now, quoting an insider, media reports are claiming that Putin had attempted a nuclear explosion but he failed because some officials foiled his plan. It has been speculated in several reports that Putin may press the atomic bomb button to demonstrate his power to NATO and Western countries.

According to the news of The Sun, the UK Defense Minister has postponed his visit to the US due to growing concerns. Analysts fear Putin could detonate a bomb in the Black Sea, threatening a tsunami and a cloud of toxic gas. It is also being claimed that a nuclear test is being planned in the Arctic before use on the battlefield in Ukraine.

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Putin orders nuclear test
Amidst threats and speculation, one claim has raised everyone’s concerns. Some media reports claim that Putin ordered two nuclear tests earlier this month, but they did not take place for “certain reasons”. Insiders claimed that the launch could not be possible due to a “technical failure” or “reluctance” of some military officials. Varlery Solovy, a former professor at a Moscow institute that trains spies and diplomats, said: “This shows that Putin’s authority is now weakening.”

Putin has decided to attack nuclear?
“Putin’s decision on the use of strategic nuclear weapons in the Ukraine war will undoubtedly face opposition,” he said. I do not know how effective the deterrence will be, but in the last two weeks there were nuclear tests, one under water in the Barents Sea and the other under land in the Arkhangelsk region. But both the times the test was not done. Solovy, an expert on the Russian president and his close associates, claimed that Putin had made an in-principle decision to use nuclear weapons.

Putin’s order weakening?
Solovy claimed that both tests Putin had recently ordered were “interrupted”. Reported to Putin about ‘technical glitches’. But once an accident, twice a coincidence, but if the test fails the third time also, it is clear that the commanders in chief refused to obey Putin’s orders. He said it showed the fall of Putin’s authority.


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