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President Jinping will make this person who advocates Pakistan the Foreign Minister of China!

BeijingRecently, from the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party held in China, it has become clear that China is going to be ruled by President Xi Jinping for the next several years. He was elected as the General Secretary of the party. Along with this, Jinping also announced his team which will be seen with him for the next five years. Jinping has given place to loyal workers and close friends in this team. Jinping now wants to fix his foreign policy as well. Now the foreign policy that will be there is going to look more aggressive on the western countries than ever before.

Ambassador from July 2021
Qin Gang, a member of Jinping’s team, has been China’s ambassador to the US since July 2021. It is believed that in March, he can be made the new foreign minister of the country. He is leading the race. Gang, 56, has been included in the Communist Party’s 205-member Central Committee. He is known as a diplomat who always insists on China’s interests in harsh words.
What is the message hidden for India in the 72-page long speech of Chinese President Xi Jinping?If he becomes foreign minister, Jinping will be the first president after Mao Zedong to directly appoint a diplomat to such a high position. In 2013, Jinping handed over the foreign ministry to Wang Wai. He was considered a very polite and calm leader. But when he came to this position, his personality was seen as aggressive and at times quite sharp.

Wang will retire
In 2013, Jinping handed over the foreign ministry to Wang Wai. He was considered a very polite and calm leader. But when he came to this position, his personality was seen as aggressive and at times quite sharp. Wang is currently 69 years old and is believed to be retiring. Wang is known as a foreign minister who has carried forward Jinping’s ‘Wolf Warrior’ policy. Kin is often seen giving interviews on American news channels. Qin is followed by more than two million people on Twitter, which is blocked by China.

Big drama in China, ex-President was ‘forcibly’ expelled from party Congress, Jinping’s opponent Prime Minister was dealt
‘America is afraid of China’
In August this year, when US Congressional Speaker Nancy Pelosi was about to visit Taiwan, Qin gave an interview. In this interview, Qin had said, ‘I think America is now afraid of China and this fear is increasing.’ Qin made it clear that Taiwan’s issue was not about democracy or independence, but about China’s sovereignty and integrity. According to him, Taiwan has always been a part of China. It was separated from China by Dutch invaders and Japanese invaders. Qin has also been a deputy in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was also a spokesperson.

America was told to shut up

When Joe Biden became the President of America, Kin was invited to a program at that time. Here he was asked, ‘What can China and America do to improve their relationship?’ To this his reply was, ‘If we can’t resolve our differences, please shut up.’ Qin alleged that America was making the situation worse.

aggressive policy
Qin and Wang are known for their diplomacy that is flexible as well as aggressive against the enemy. Jinping wants China’s position to be non-negotiable for the challenges it faces from America. In the coming months, the Chinese President is going to hand over the posts to several ministers. Experts believe that he will choose his minister keeping the enemy America in mind so that it can be weakened in the coming five years.
Jinping broke the rules of the party to make his close one the PM, who is the new Prime Minister of China, Li Qiang
supporters of pakistan

Who are the big supporters of Pakistan? In 2008, when Yafei, the then Deputy Foreign Minister, visited Pakistan, Qin made a statement on behalf of the government. Qin had said that China is a neighbor of India and Pakistan and expressed hope that the two countries would resolve their issues through dialogue. Qin had made it clear that Yafei had gone as a special envoy on behalf of the Chinese government. He then advocated for Pakistan and said that he wants to resolve the issues with India through dialogue. China is with him in this.

focus on taiwan
In such a situation, choosing Qin as Foreign Minister will be his first priority. According to Yun Sun, an expert on China at the US-based think-tank Stimson Center, Jinping is such a leader who definitely pays attention to the shortcomings while choosing his minister or adviser. Qin’s chemistry with Jinping is very good and in such a situation, he can be assigned this position. Apart from this, Taiwan will also be kept in mind. The US and other Western countries have completely rejected China’s policy and aggression on Taiwan.


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