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Pak Fire On America: Now Pakistan spoke China’s language about America, told Biden this big thing

Image Source : India TV
Pak Fire On America


  • Pakistan’s Defense Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif said that Biden forgot history
  • Pakistan has imposed many favors on America on the contrary
  • Pak said – America should remember what we have done for it in the past

Pak Fire On America: Pakistan has erupted after the US President described Pakistan as the most dangerous country in the world. In the midst of this tension, Pakistan has told America so much that which Biden would not have even imagined. Whereas America recently gave $ 45 trillion to Pakistan in the name of maintenance of F-16. Along with this, lakhs of crores of dollars were also given to deal with the floods. But Pakistan betrayed America.

Pakistan’s Defense Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif has said that US President Joe Biden’s statement shows that he has forgotten history. He forgot what Pakistan has done for his country in the past. He said President Biden needs to balance his opinion about the security of Pakistan’s nuclear assets.

Joe Biden

Image Source : India TV

Joe Biden

Sleeve snake turned out to be Pakistan

Biden could never have imagined that Pakistan would one day give him such advice. Here, on the contrary, Pakistan imposed favors on America itself. Not only this, Pakistan also reminded America of the help given to America by calling Biden a forgetful one. Now what did Pakistan do for America? Only America can know this. But now Biden must have understood that such a snake came out of Pakistan’s sleeve that he had bitten him. Biden must be thinking that recently Pakistan had given milk worth 45 trillion dollars to Pakistan. Despite this, Pakistan did not leave any stone unturned to fight.

Pakistan said – our stand on Ukraine felt bad for Biden
Pakistan said that it seems that the US did not like Pakistan’s neutral stand on the Russia-Ukraine conflict. He said that Pakistan’s nuclear capability is the most effective obstacle to this relationship. The Defense Minister of Pakistan said that Pakistan has been an ally of America since the 1950s. However, how the superpower supported Pakistan in its difficult times is history. We must learn lessons from history, otherwise it will not forgive us as a nation.

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