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No weight loss happening? Try this detox juice, the weight will also be less and the body will also be clean

Detox Juice For Weight Loss: Detox juices are a good way to cleanse the body. With these, the body also gets all the nutrients and they are not heavy on the digestive system either. They are easily digested and they are also a great option to clean the dirt of the body. The juices we are going to talk about today are different types of vegetable juices that you can consume for weight loss. However, if you have any medical problem or any other problem, then proceed only under the advice and supervision of an expert.

Lime juice

Pumpkin juice works very well to detox the body. It has cleaning properties. Drink a glass of it every morning on an empty stomach and do not eat anything for at least two hours after drinking it. This detoxifies your body in a good way. It is also known as white petha juice or white pumpkin juice. It is like gourd but it has no taste. This makes pita. You have to take ripe kumdha and take out fresh juice and drink it.

vegetable juice

Vegetable juice cleanses the body by removing toxins from your body. The antioxidants present in these juices remove free radicals from the body. It is considered very good for weight loss to skin. You can drink fresh juice of any vegetable from beetroot, spinach, carrot, gourd, cucumber, tomato. A small piece of ginger can also be added to enhance the taste. Add rock salt on top. Remember, whatever juice is there, drink it sip and sip comfortably. Do not eat anything for at least one hour and maximum two hours after drinking the juice.

coconut water

Coconut water also works like nectar for our body. Drinking it also detoxifies the body. If possible, you can keep coconut water fast once a week. In this fast, only coconut water and plain water are drunk four to five times a day. This also gives relaxation to the digestive system and removes the dirt from the body. Use any of the methods mentioned here only if you do not have any health problems. Otherwise go ahead with the advice of experts.

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