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Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway: ‘Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway’ Movie Review

Movie – ‘Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway’ (Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway)
Director – Ashima Chibbar
Actors – Rani Mukherjee, Jim Sarabh
Music – Amit Trivedi
Critic Rating – 3.5/5

Rani Mukherjee’s film ‘Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway’ (Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway)

Mrs. Chatterjee aka Rani Mukherjee lives in Norway with her two children. He leaves his home country to make a new start with his family in Norway. He loves both children very much. Suddenly one day Mrs. Chatterjee finds out that the Norwegian government has taken away both her children from her. The government feels that Mrs. Chatterjee is not capable of taking care of her children properly. Mrs. Chatterjee feeds the children with her own hands. But the Norwegian government considers all this against its rules. This is where the real battle of the mother begins. Mrs. Chatterjee aka Rani Mukherjee fights the Norwegian government and goes to court to get her children back. The way Mrs Chatterjee breaks down in court and says I want my baby back or I will die is shocking.

The film is based on the life story of Sagarika Chakraborty, who shifted to Norway with her husband and children in 2011. Norway’s child welfare service took the Indian couple’s two children, Abhigyan and Aishwarya, into their custody. They ruled that both children would remain in foster care until the age of 18, as their mother was unable to raise the children under Norwegian law. After this, Sagarika had to go through the courts of Norway and Indian government for three years for the custody of the children. Only then did he get his children back.

Director Ashima Chhibbar sets the mood and pace of the film in the very first scene when her children are taken away by the welfare society. At that point, Rani runs after the car, setting the mood for the story. After that the story moves at its own pace. The story gets a bit loose in the middle. One of the biggest challenges of movies based on such true events is its screenplay, at that level the story proves to be a bit weak. However, the pre-climax and climax make you curious as well as relaxing. However, some questions in the story go unanswered.

Rani has truly proved to be the queen of performance when it comes to acting. He weaves Debika’s character in his own style and then lives in his own style. Rani’s performance as an overbearing, helpless and combative mother moves us to tears at many places. Here he is seen at the peak of his performance. In the first half where he is aggressive, in the second half he is seen with folded hands and wet eyes. Jim Sarab appears in the role of a lawyer of Indian origin and gives the film a lift.

Why watch this movie? Fans of Rani Mukerji’s powerful performance and women empowerment can watch this film.


મૂવી રિવ્યૂ: 3 એક્કા

ગુજરાતી ફિલ્મ 3 એક્કા હાલમાં જ થિયેટરમાં રિલીઝ થઈ છે. મલ્હાર ઠાકર, યશ સોની અને મિત્ર ગઢવીની ત્રિપુટી ફરી એકવાર સાથે આવી છે. 'છેલ્લો...

મૂવી રિવ્યૂ: ડ્રીમ ગર્લ 2

એક્ટર: આયુષ્માન ખુરાના, પરેશ રાવલ, અનન્યા પાંડે, વિજય રાઝ, રાજપાલ યાદવ, અસરાનીડાયરેક્ટર: રાજ શાંડિલ્યશ્રેણી: હિન્દી, ડ્રામા, કોમેડી, રોમાન્સસમય: 2 કલાક 13 મિનિટરેટિંગ: 2.5/5આયુષ્માન ખુરાના...

મૂવી રિવ્યૂ: ઘૂમર

એક્ટર: સૈયામી ખેર, અભિષેક બચ્ચન, શબાના આઝમી, અંગદડાયરેક્ટર: આર. બાલ્કિશ્રેણી: હિન્દી, ડ્રામા, સ્પોર્ટસમય: 2 કલાક 15 મિનિટરિવ્યૂ: 3.5/5'જિંદગી લોજિક કા ખેલ નહીં, મેજિક કા...


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