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Movie Review – Taj – Divided by Blood

Web Series – Taj – Divided By Blood (Taj Divided By Blood)
Actors – Naseeruddin Shah, Sandhya Mridul
Genre – Historical
Critic Rating – 3.5/5

Emperor Akbar is looking for a successor to his throne. But in that quest lies the dirty politics, betrayals and family feuds of the Mughal Empire. A diplomatic battle for power breaks out that everyone has to win. But only time will tell who will win and who will lose.

The plot of this series (Taj Divided By Blood) is set in an era when Akbar ruled a lot. The show (Taj Divided By Blood) mainly focuses on Akbar’s relationship with his sons. All three are in the race to succeed. The growing Mughal Empire needed a strong successor. The stories of differences between these brothers and their own personalities make this series strong and compelling.

Although the series is based on true events, the makers have also used their creativity to depict the diplomacy going on within Akbar’s powerful and complex family. While watching the series you often start thinking that what is being shown is actually true. There are many characters in the series. The good thing is that it doesn’t get boring or deviate from the plot like other shows. These stories are imaginatively interwoven on this expansive canvas of Emperor Akbar’s story.

As always, Naseeruddin Shah has done an unbelievable job in the role of Mughal Emperor Akbar. He has breathed life into Akbar’s complex personality with his performance. Seeing a ruler who is unimaginable. Who is very humane, considerate and generous towards others but also cruel on many occasions. However, Naseeruddin Shah’s getup as Akbar looks less like Shahenshah and more like Albert Einstein.

The web series flows at its own pace with its long episodes and multiple twist-turns. The best part is that your interest as a viewer is maintained. Historical iconic monuments, locations, magnificent sets, some real locations, crowds of people, animals, ammunition, battlefields, the entire web series is shot in such a way that you get a big screen experience while watching it. The story also flows smoothly like the whisper of the wind. But, one thing is the dialogues. This could have done with a little more work.


મૂવી રિવ્યૂ: 3 એક્કા

ગુજરાતી ફિલ્મ 3 એક્કા હાલમાં જ થિયેટરમાં રિલીઝ થઈ છે. મલ્હાર ઠાકર, યશ સોની અને મિત્ર ગઢવીની ત્રિપુટી ફરી એકવાર સાથે આવી છે. 'છેલ્લો...

મૂવી રિવ્યૂ: ડ્રીમ ગર્લ 2

એક્ટર: આયુષ્માન ખુરાના, પરેશ રાવલ, અનન્યા પાંડે, વિજય રાઝ, રાજપાલ યાદવ, અસરાનીડાયરેક્ટર: રાજ શાંડિલ્યશ્રેણી: હિન્દી, ડ્રામા, કોમેડી, રોમાન્સસમય: 2 કલાક 13 મિનિટરેટિંગ: 2.5/5આયુષ્માન ખુરાના...

મૂવી રિવ્યૂ: ઘૂમર

એક્ટર: સૈયામી ખેર, અભિષેક બચ્ચન, શબાના આઝમી, અંગદડાયરેક્ટર: આર. બાલ્કિશ્રેણી: હિન્દી, ડ્રામા, સ્પોર્ટસમય: 2 કલાક 15 મિનિટરિવ્યૂ: 3.5/5'જિંદગી લોજિક કા ખેલ નહીં, મેજિક કા...


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