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Movie Review Faraaz: What Is Islam Really? Hansal Mehta’s ‘Faraz’ is a film that discusses this issue.

Actor: Jahan Kapoor, Aditya Rawal, Juhi Babbar, Aamir Ali, Sachin Lalwani, Jatin Parikh
Director: Hansal Mehta
Series: Hindi, Thriller, Drama, Action
Time: 2 hours 4 minutes
Rating: 3.0/5

Hansal Mehta is known for his liberal ideology and outspokenness. He has always chosen subjects to make films that are relevant to the society at some point or another. This time he has made a film on the true story of the terrorist attack on the neighboring country by ‘Faraaz’. The story of ‘Faraz’, which started with terrorism, ends with humanity.

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The story of ‘Faraz’

A beautiful evening on July 1, 2016 turned into a night of terror when five young terrorists armed with guns and grenades attacked the Artisan Cafe in the capital of neighboring Bangladesh, Dhaka. In this terror attack, terrorists brutally killed 22 people, including an Indian woman. The well-educated and English-speaking Nibaras (Aditya Rawal) was also living under the delusion that according to Islam, if he kills a ‘kafir’ (infidel), he and his companions will find a place in heaven. On the other hand, hostage Faraz (Jahan Kapoor) questions the fanaticism of Islam despite being at gunpoint.

The triumph of humanity

Nibarus asks him, what do you ultimately want? Then he replied, ‘I want my Islam back from someone like you.’ As Faraz is a Muslim, the terrorists want to spare him and also give him an option to leave with his life. But Faraz is not ready to leave his Indian Hindu lady friend and Muslim lady friend. Instead of fleeing for his life, he fearlessly confronts the ruthless terrorists. He is constantly discussing with the terrorists what is the true meaning and purpose of Islam. He does not give up on humanity till the end and he has to pay the price by losing his life.


As a director, Hansal Mehta has succeeded in recreating this horrific night. The film grips you right from the beginning. Without wasting time, Hansal Mehta gets down to the basic story of the film. As the story progresses, tolerance versus intolerance and religion versus fanaticism are deeply debated. It is a relief to see the sacrificial color of humanity in the climax. Unlike other terror related films, here the security agencies are not shown as heroes but the heroism of an ordinary boy is shown. The character of the police commissioner has light moments in the film. While in the role of Mana, Juhi Babbar has also succeeded in showing her Roab along with restlessness and grief. Hansal Mehta begins with two contrasting ideologies regarding Islam. One who believes in taking lives in the name of Jihad while the other believes violence is wrong. However, they could not show this properly in the screenplay.

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Technical side

The title of the film is Faraaz but his heroism shows up at the end. His backstory needed some work. Emotionally, the film is not earth shattering. However, it has to be admitted that the film’s plot is good and relevant. Some limitations of the writing are visible. On the technical side, the film’s cinematography and background score are powerful. The energetic dialogue is also commendable.


Aditya Rawal has done a great job in terms of acting. He has played the role of a young man who will go to any extent in the name of Islam. Shashi Kapoor’s grandson Jahan Kapoor sparks a new ray of hope with his performance. In the role of Faraz’s mom, Juhi Babbar has given her performance as a capable actress. Actors like Aamir Ali, Sachin Lalwani, Jatin Pareek have also done justice to their character.

Why watch the movie?

Don’t miss this movie if you like to watch topical and topical movies.


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