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Moonlighting unacceptable, “some” employees fired: IT firm

Many firms have made the issue clear that they do not accept it. (Representative)

New Delhi:

IT company Happiest Minds Technologies has said that moonlighting is unacceptable as it is a breach of contract of the job and has fired “some” employees found indulging in such practices in the past 6-12 months.

The company — which recently reported a 33.7 percent increase in net profit in the second quarter and a 31.1 percent increase in its total income — had about 4,581 employees as of September 30, 2022.

Happiest Minds stressed that moonlighting is not very prevalent within the company, but did not disclose the exact number of employees against whom action was taken over the issue.

Ever since Wipro Chairman Rishad Premji called the issue a “hoax” on Twitter, the issue of moonlight or dual employment has become a hot topic of discussion in the IT industry.

Over the past weeks, several companies have clarified the issue that they do not approve of dual employment.

Simply put, moonlighting or dual employment refers to employees who take side gigs to do more than one job at a time.

Joseph Anantaraju, executive vice president of Happiest Minds, told PTI, “We are absolutely clear with our people that this is something that we will not accept….” Moonlighting raises risks and questions about safety, as well as the commitment of workers in devoting their time and attention to end customers and delivery results.

Asked whether the company has found examples of employees involved in moonlighting, Anantharaju said: “We have some and we terminated them immediately because that’s a message you want to drive across the company. Even if it’s something Be it for hours. Somewhere… Because there’s really no way to find out. That’s why we did it.”

The action has been taken during the last 6-12 months. “We’re clear, you can’t be moonlight. If you want to do some voluntary activities in unrelated fields… maybe on weekends want to teach at a school that’s different. But we should have everything for you. Your time Happiest Dedicated to Minds and dedicated to working here,” he said.

The practices and examples of moonlighting in the company are “not very widespread”.

He said, “That’s one of the reasons we started bringing our people back into the office. Because once you’re back in the office, a lot of these things have little scope and it’s been done a long time ago.” can be eliminated and identified,” he said.

About 67 percent of the company’s employees came to the office in the previous quarter; The plan is to push the numbers forward to January 1, 2023, and to keep most of the staff in office by April 1.

On the frequency of days in the week that employees are now punching physical workspaces and filling office rooms, Anantaraju said, “We’ve given them latitude, and haven’t measured it. But we’ve told them that 3 2 is fine. , to begin with. Some of these things will evolve over time because it also depends on what projects and when. Mainly to bring teams together.” Recently, Infosys allowed its employees to perform outside gig work, provided such engagement does not compete with the company, its customers or cause conflicts of interest.

Asked if Happiest Minds is also contemplating do’s and don’ts to clear the air at outdoor gig work, Anantaraju said, “Not yet. Right now our stand is very clear… You Happiest Minds work for and that is the only company you should work for.” Infosys is one of the companies that has taken a tough stand on Chandni. It had previously sent a message to its employees stressing that moonlighting was not allowed, and warned that any breach of contract would initiate disciplinary action “which could even lead to termination of employment”.

“No Two Timing – No Moonlighting!” India’s second largest IT services company had said.

During the company’s second quarter earnings release, Infosys had made it clear that the company does not support moonlight and has laid off employees engaged in dual employment in the past 12 months.

Last month, Wipro’s Rishad Premji revealed that around 300 employees were fired because the IT services company had no place for any employee who preferred to work directly with rivals while on Wipro payroll. .

Other IT companies have also raised their voices against moonlight, a practice that quietly gained ground during the pandemic-induced lockdown and working from home.

HCL Technologies has said that it does not approve of dual employment, although it also said that the issue is not a major issue within the company.

(Except for the title, this story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)


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