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Malaria Vaccine: Malaria will no longer be able to hunt humans, scientists have developed two ‘panacea’ vaccines

Washington: Scientists have developed two mRNA vaccines that are very effective in reducing malaria infection and preventing its spread in animal studies. The team from George Washington University in the US also found that both vaccines produced strong immunity, whether given alone or in combination. m RNA vaccines work by making a copy of the messenger RNA (m RNA) that is identical to the viral protein. RNA is an essential element for protein formation.

Malaria will end to a great extent
“Malaria will not be eliminated overnight, but such vaccines will substantially eliminate malaria from many parts of the world,” said Nirbhay Kumar, a professor at the Milken School Institute of Public Health at George Washington University, in a statement. , ”mRNA vaccine technology could really be a game changer. We have seen how successful this technology has been in combating Covid and have made necessary modifications for this study and used it to develop a solution to combat malaria.

Mosquito bites are fatal for humans
The study, published Thursday in the journal NPJ Vaccines, focuses on the parasite Plasmodium falciparum. They are one of the four parasite species that cause malaria and are very fatal to humans. The disease is transmitted by the bite of Anopheles mosquitoes, in which P. falciparum and P. vivax are responsible for 90 percent of malaria cases worldwide and 95 percent of deaths from the disease, the researchers said. The researchers developed two mRNA vaccines to target different parts of the parasite’s lifecycle.


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