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Liz Truss’s tenure was less than six weeks, had to resign, know how was her political journey

Liz Truss Resign: Liz Truss resigned from her post after just six weeks as Prime Minister of Britain. She will remain in her post as the caretaker prime minister till the election of the next PM of the country. There are many reasons for his resignation, but the main reason is believed to be his speech in the CPC Meeting 2022, in which he talked about taking tough economic decisions.

In her resignation letter, Liz said, “I became the Prime Minister of the country at a time when the country is facing a big economic problem. That’s why I am resigning from my post.” It is not a long time ago when Liz was sworn in as PM of UK about 45 days ago and talked about taking tough decisions for the economic development of the country. Let us tell you about his political journey.

Who is Liz Truss?
Liz Truss’s full name is Mary Elizabeth Truss and she was born in 1975 in Oxford, UK. His father was a mathematics professor and mother was a nurse. According to the BBC report, Liz describes her parents as supporters of Left ideology. However, the most interesting thing is that Liz is a supporter of Britney’s Conservative ideology.

It is also an interesting aspect of Liz’s life that her mother took part in the anti-Thatcher government campaign for nuclear disarmament in 1981–1983. His mother was an active member of an organization strongly opposing the installation of nuclear weapons in West London with the US government.

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Studied at Oxford College
Liz has studied Philosophy (Philosophy), Politics (Politics) and Economy (Economics) from the prestigious University of Oxford in the UK. She comes from a pro-Labor family.

Change your views from time to time
Looking at Liz’s politics, it seems that with the passage of time, she has changed her political views, her ideology and parties with the changing and forming thoughts. For example, Liz, who comes from the Labor Party, which is a supporter of left-wing ideology, adopted the Liberal Democratic Party and ideology while studying at Oxford. He later left college and in the following years, he further strengthened his political journey with the Conservative Party, a Conservative-minded party.

Has been an opponent of the monarchy system
According to BBC reports, at the 1994 convention of the Democrats Party, he advocated the abolition of the monarchy from Britain. According to an excerpt from her speech reported in the BBC, she said, “I don’t believe in monarchy, we Liberal Democrats believe that everyone should have equality of opportunity, I don’t believe in the idea. Who says that some people are born only to rule.

When did you get married?
After completing her studies in Oxford, she started working as an accountant in a cable company and there she married her colleague Hugh O’Leary in 2000. they have two children. The very next year of marriage, he officially started his political career. He filed his first election as a Conservative Party candidate from Hemsworth West Yorkshire and was defeated. In 2005 too, he contested from West Yorkshire and had to face defeat from there too. This was the time when Liz was constantly struggling to make a career in politics and she was constantly facing failure.

First success in third time
In the 2010 elections, Conservative Party leader David Cameron named him his candidate and fielded him from South-West Norfolk, the party’s reserved seat. Truss achieved the first success of his political innings with more than 13 thousand votes in this seat.

Opponents accuse of changing the stand
In 2012, just two years after becoming an MP, she was made Britain’s Education Minister and in 2014 she was promoted to become Environment Secretary. According to his detractors, Truss is adept at changing his stand. He alleges that he overturned on the issue of Brexit.

Expressing great confidence in him in 2021, the party made him the Foreign Minister of Britain. This was the most important post of the government. While in this position, he also sought to solve the problem of North Ireland by cutting off parts of the EU-UK. However, a few days later, PM Boris Johnson had to resign from his post amidst pressure due to many allegations.

Liz Truss Resigns: After 6 weeks, Liz Truss had to resign from the post of UK PM


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