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Kidney- Liver can fail adulterated sweets, this is how damage happens

Disease: Due to the festival of Diwali, the work of making colorful sweets is going on at a fast pace. There are many shops that open only around the festival. The risk of getting sick from these sweets sold in stores is high. Adulterated sweets can prove to be dangerous for health. The things that are added to sweets will affect the digestive system as well as the kidneys. Stomach upset due to infection in the intestine.

poor khoya is used
Talking about sweets, substandard khoya is used in it. Khoya kept for several days is heated and sold fresh. It is important to buy food items only after testing. To make it look and smell good, many types of chemicals are used, which are harmful for the body.

See and buy silver work sweets
Sweets are being sold in shops by plating aluminum work on the lines of silver. This work is very dangerous for health. It can be identified by leaving a mark on the finger rubbing. The work disappears when the finger is rubbed. Dr. DK Gupta, director of Felix Hospital, told that do not give too many colorful sweets to those you meet on the festival. It must be noted that when the sweet is made and for how long it can be consumed. He told that dangerous things like urea are being adulterated in milk.

risk of getting cancer
Apart from this, colors are used in sweets. If food coloring is used then it is not fatal. According to experts, common colors are also being used in sweets. The colors contain carbon and heavy metals. It harms health. Due to this allergy, asthma disease occurs. Eating such sweets for a long time can also cause cancer.

who is at risk

  • Caustic Soda: Increases Blood Pressure
  • Urea: risk of liver and kidney damage
  • Color – risk of allergies, asthma, kidney failure and cancer
  • Boiled potatoes, sweet potatoes: upset stomach, intestinal infection

take this caution

  • Avoid buying colorful sweets
  • Make sweets at home on festival day
  • Avoid the things made in the market, avoid eating sugar patient sweets

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