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Iran News: Prisoners set fire to prison in Iran, know why prisoners took this step

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  • Part of the sewing workshop of the prison
  • This sewing workshop was established
  • set a warehouse on fire

Iran News: After several hours of fighting, a fire in a prison in Iran’s capital Tehran was brought under control, in which nine people were injured. Most of the political prisoners or people involved in anti-government activities are lodged in this prison. Government media gave this information on Sunday. Flames and smoke emanating from Evin Kara in Tehran could be widely seen on Saturday evening.

Repeated violation of human rights of prisoners

Meanwhile, anti-government protests across the country have entered the fifth week due to the death of a young woman in police custody. In online videos, gunshots and explosions could be heard in the area around the prison. State media have said in their reports that the fire broke out after a fight between the prisoners. This statement is an attempt to separate this incident from the ongoing anti-government protests in the country. Hundreds of people are being held in Evin Prison, which human rights groups say is repeatedly violating the human rights of prisoners.

What did Governor Mohsin Mansoori say
State TV on Sunday released a video of the aftermath of the fire, showing burnt walls and the ceiling of a room it said was part of the prison’s sewing workshop. Tehran governor Mohsin Mansouri said, “The fire broke out after a fight between some prisoners in the sewing workshop.”

Prisoners set a warehouse on fire
Iran’s state-run news agency Irna reported on Saturday, quoting a senior security official, that a clash broke out between prisoners, after inmates torched a warehouse where prisoners’ clothing was kept, after which The fire took a heavy toll. He said the rioters were separated from other prisoners to end the conflict. Officials said the situation was completely under control and firefighters were extinguishing the flames.

Nine people have been burnt in the fire
Tehran prosecutor Ali Salehi said the atmosphere in the prison was completely peaceful and the unrest was not related to the ongoing protests in the country. Irna later in her news without giving any detailed information said that nine people have been scorched in this fire. It has also released a video, which shows debris scattered around a building after it caught fire and firefighters spraying water on it to douse the blaze. The US-based Center for Human Rights in Iran has reported that an armed conflict has begun inside the prison. He has said that gunshots were heard in ward number seven of the prison. However, it could not be confirmed immediately.

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