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Imran was telling the truth by screaming! America had brought down the government in Pakistan, the prime minister of choice was brought, is it a matter of tension for India?

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Imran Khan-Joe Biden-Shahbaz Sharif-General Qamar Javed Bajwa


  • America’s behavior towards Pakistan changed
  • The relationship between America and Pakistan is getting stronger
  • Joe Biden became more liberal towards Pakistan

US Pakistan Relations: At present, a coalition government led by PML-N (Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz) is in power in Pakistan. The current Prime Minister of the country is Shahbaz Sharif. In opposition is the PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) party of former Prime Minister Imran Khan. Khan’s government fell in April. He had then alleged that a conspiracy has been hatched against him abroad in connivance with the opposition. So that the PTI government can be brought down. He had told that the National Security Committee and the cabinet have seen the document, which is being called a cipher.

Imran Khan had shouted, ‘What I am telling you, this is an official document, that if you remove Imran Khan, your relations with America will improve. As soon as you remove Imran Khan, we will forgive you. These things were said by Imran Khan before his government fell. He had faced a no-confidence motion on 3 April and made these revelations a day before while addressing the people on 2 April. He had also said that there is complicity in this conspiracy of Shahbaz Sharif and he is ready for the slavery of America.

Khan had said that if this conspiracy is successful, will any future prime minister not liked by any country be removed using money? He even asked the people of Pakistan to protest against it.

How was America’s attitude during Imran Khan?

If you look at the current situation, you will find that what Imran Khan had said is true to a large extent. Joe Biden hasn’t even met Imran Khan since becoming President, he didn’t even talk to Khan over the phone. While Khan wanted him to speak to Biden, he also said in several interviews that Biden does not even call him. At that time America was not kind to Pakistan in any way. Military aid stopped during the time of former President Donald Trump also continued. Even Pakistan was not given any other kind of help or respect.

Apart from this, Imran Khan was on a tour of Russia at a time when he attacked Ukraine. At that time the western countries had thought of imposing sanctions on Russia, while Imran Khan was singing the praises of Russia. Khan’s argument was that he would pursue an independent foreign policy, which would be in the interest of Pakistan. And in no way will slavery to western countries. This is the reason why he did not shy away from criticizing America on many occasions. Apart from this, he was also very close to China. At that time there were reports that China was not giving any more help to Pakistan. He has stopped many of his ongoing projects in this country midway. He is not giving concession to this country even when the economic condition is bad and is charging arbitrary interest for further loans.

At the same time, one of the reasons behind America doing this is that after leaving Afghanistan, America wanted Pakistan to provide it with its airspace. So that he can keep an eye on the terrorists there and can also monitor along with air strikes. But Imran Khan’s government flatly refused this. He said that he would not allow his country’s airspace to be used for attacks in any other country. Then the officials of the US government and even the director of its intelligence agency CAI tried hard to persuade Pakistan but Imran Khan remained firm on his decision.

How to know that Imran was right?

As soon as Imran Khan left power, the relations between Pakistan and America started getting sweeter. Suddenly there was a change in America’s behavior. Biden, who did not even pick up Khan’s phone, met Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif. Reversing the decision to halt aid during Donald Trump’s tenure, he approved $450 million for the maintenance of F-16 fighter jets. When India objected to this, the US said that it is giving this help to Pakistan to fight against terrorism. America gave him humanitarian help many times even after the floods in Pakistan. Now the Chief of Pakistan Army, General Qamar Javed Badwa has been welcomed with full respect. Rarely has there been such a welcome before.

It was only after Shahbaz Sharif’s government came to power that the US killed al-Qaeda leader Ahman al-Zawahiri in a drone strike in Afghanistan. The Taliban government then said that Pakistan had provided its airspace to the US, only then it was able to carry out this attack. That is, for which Imran Khan had categorically refused, as soon as Shahbaz Sharif’s government came, America got what it wanted.

What a concern for India?

The news has also come that Pakistan wants to manage its relations with India properly, so it also needs the help of America. But when it comes to India, it does not bow down to any country. Even if the super power America is standing in front of it. India follows an independent foreign policy. He takes those decisions which he thinks are right for his own interest. However, it can be a matter of concern for India that America is now helping Pakistan even militarily. With which he will be able to develop his weapons easily. Will be able to maintain its Khatara F-16 fighter planes. He can use the money he gets from America against India. So it becomes necessary for India to remain alert and keep an eye on this entire development.

Why is Pakistan important to America?

Pakistan has become very important for America at this time, so that it can conduct terrorist attacks and surveillance in Afghanistan. Most of America’s military bases are in the Gulf countries, from where its deadly drones fly and enter Afghanistan via Pakistan. The government of former Prime Minister Imran Khan had refused to give its airspace to the US. But now the situation has changed under the new Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif.

According to a CNN report, the Biden administration has told leaders that the US is in the final stages of finalizing a deal with Pakistan. After this deal, US drones and fighter aircraft will be able to easily conduct attacks and intelligence surveillance in Afghanistan.

Why is Pakistan the only option?

Pakistan will get military aid from the US in return, help pay off China’s debt and help manage relations with India. All this will improve the economy of this country.

The US has not yet disclosed this secret deal, nor has it told what it will give to Pakistan in return. Apart from Pakistan, the US is also looking at Uzbekistan and Tajikistan as options. However, this may increase the risk of flare-up of Russian President Vladimir Putin. So in such a situation, only Pakistan is left with America as an option.

US President Joe Biden has announced that he will continue to conduct counter-terrorist operations in Afghanistan. This is the reason why the Biden administration is pouring so much love on Pakistan. If this deal is successful then it is entirely possible for the Taliban to flare up on Pakistan and America. That too, when the relations between the Taliban government of Afghanistan and Pakistan are going through their worst phase. After Zawahiri’s death, the Taliban has accused Pakistan of allowing the US to use its airspace.

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