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Imran Khan runs the Brahmastra of the Long March, will the Pakistani army accept defeat or will it take martial law? understand

Islamabad:Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has entered the fray from the historic city of Lahore to overthrow the Shahbaz Sharif government. Imran Khan’s Azadi March is now moving towards the capital Islamabad. The PTI leader has accused the ISI of torturing their workers. He said that the press conference of ISI Chief and Army Spokesperson was political. Imran also said in his speech that General Bajwa is defaming you people. Earlier, Imran Khan was warned by Pakistan’s powerful army and intelligence agency ISI a day earlier. At the same time, now the PTI leader has made up his mind to directly confront the army and Shahbaz government by running his Brahmastra in the form of a long march. Let us understand in which direction Imran Khan seems to be moving and will the army give up….

Imran has already reached the pinnacle of power in Pakistan by using the Long March vigorously. His intention is to repeat this history once again. Imran Khan has been known only for taking out long marches. Imran Khan reaches Islamabad with lakhs of people and then sits there to stage a sit-in until their demands are accepted. This bet of Imran Khan has been successful many times, while at times it has also been unsuccessful. Meanwhile, Pakistani Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has fully geared up to stop Imran’s freedom march. He has deployed 13,000 policemen and army in the security of Islamabad.
Bajwa vs Imran… Today’s war started in Pakistan, Jinnah’s country moved towards civil war?‘The biggest possible confrontation ever between Imran and the army’
Rana Sanaullah has declared that if anyone tries to break the law, he will be severely crushed. Political analysts say that during this freedom march of Imran Khan, such a confrontation can happen like never before. Dr Rasool Bakhsh Raees, who closely monitors Pakistani politics, says that Imran Khan has geared up against the army and it is public and no secret. However, the path of Imran Khan is not easy, he said. Many leaders have tried to confront the Pakistani army in the past, but they have not been successful.


Imran Khan clashes with Pakistan Army

‘Shahbaz government is not going to fall from Azadi March’
Earlier, senior leader of Imran Khan’s party Asad Umar had said that PTI has a constitutional right to criticize the decisions of the army. He claimed that Imran Khan has not said anything that weakens the army. Musharraf Zaidi, a Pakistani journalist, says, ‘Imran Khan grew on the strength of the intervention of the army in politics and the interesting thing is that he has now allegedly become a victim of this interference himself.’ He said that from this long march, there is not going to be any significant change in the popularity of Imran Khan, which is already very high, but even Shahbaz government is not going to fall from this freedom march.

Musharraf Zaidi said that this independence march will definitely weaken the power of governance of the Shahbaz government. “If there is one thing that Imran Khan has consistently demonstrated since 2011, it is his view that Pakistan should be ruled by him alone,” he said. Everyone else doesn’t have this quality.’ Zaidi said that the challenge before the Shahbaz government is whether it can govern effectively in the midst of such protests or not. Also, the differences between Imran Khan and the military leadership will now increase a lot. Dr Umair Javed, a professor of political science in Pakistan, says that this latest demonstration hardly clears the way for the general election.
Watch Chor-Ghadi Chor…slogans against Imran Khan in Pakistan, former prime minister ran away hiding his face
‘The possibility of martial law in Pakistan is very high’
Javed speculates that the army can be directly launched to stop Imran Khan. He said that this will strengthen the grip of the army on the government. Political analyst Ahmed Bilal Mehboob says that due to this freedom march, the confrontation between the army and Imran Khan can increase very much. He said that Imran Khan is openly criticizing the army and making a narrative. Mehboob said the possibility of violence cannot be ruled out if the conflict escalates to a great extent. If the violence increases, then the possibility of martial law in Pakistan will be very high.

The army is considered the most powerful in Pakistan. The army has ruled the country directly or indirectly since the independence of Pakistan. Not only this, the army makes policies related to the security of the country, foreign and general public. Imran Khan is also born of this army and with the help of that came to power in the year 2018. The ISI chief has admitted that Imran Khan wanted him to do many wrong things. Imran Khan wants the new army chief to be posted in November and elections should be announced in the country at the earliest. On the other hand, the Shahbaz government is adamant on holding elections in October next year.


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