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How to prevent breast cancer? This claim made in research

Breast Cancer: More than twenty thousand women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in Australia, but the good news is that 92 out of every 100 women are more than five years after breast cancer treatment. stay alive till The life changes caused by cancer treatment are very painful, the effects of which can last for many years. There are many people who live with the fear of getting cancer again. Even if they have lived more than five years.

Such people are advised to move more and sit less. Especially in the beginning, it is recommended to gradually increase the exercise every day for about 150 minutes a week. This includes aerobic exercises (such as walking) and resistance exercises that target specific muscle groups. Which is done to make you a little stronger. Research has shown that a deep relationship with exercise is essential to live longer and prevent cancer recurrence.

eat a high quality diet

It has been observed that better diet – which includes more intake of vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, whole grains and fish.  Women who eat all these things live longer after breast cancer treatment than those who eat a diet like red meat. This is one of the reasons why a good diet may also reduce the risk associated with other health conditions, such as heart disease, rather than primarily having a direct effect on the risk of dying from breast cancer.

Many women, especially older women or people with early-stage breast cancer, are actually at a higher risk of dying from heart disease than from breast cancer in them. A high-quality diet can help maintain a healthy body weight and heart health.

Which diet to take during chemotherapy

A specific diet, such as a ketogenic or low-carbohydrate diet, should be followed during cancer treatment, but the most recent guidelines state that there is no evidence yet to suggest that these have significant benefits. More research is being done after the results of a 2020 research, which suggested a low-calorie, low-protein diet in the days before chemotherapy. Which gave better response to the treatment. However, compliance with the diet was difficult. Only one in five women in the research was able to eat such a diet during all of their chemotherapy treatments.

maintain a healthy weight

Excess body weight has also been shown to worsen after breast cancer treatment, but so far no patient has been tested to show the opposite symptoms. Weight loss after breast cancer treatment may be of greater benefit in its treatment. Tests are underway to answer this question. Weight gain is common after breast cancer treatment.

The reasons for this are complex. Excess weight may be some side effect of the treatment. Recent research on women after breast cancer treatment found that when they were helped to lose a modest amount of weight, they improved their physical quality of life and reduced their pain levels. They also reduced their risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Don’t sleep deprivation

Nature of sleep deprivation – common in women suffering from breast cancer. It can persist for years even after the end of the patient’s treatment period. Women with breast cancer who have little or no sleep, live less than women who get enough sleep. Although sleeping more is not always beneficial. Sleeping more than nine hours each night is associated with a 48 percent increased risk of breast cancer, compared to seven to eight hours. Research has not yet revealed its possible reasons.

Be careful while eating

Preliminary research suggests that when you eat has an effect as well. Keeping the stipulated time gap between dinner and next day breakfast can reduce the chances of breast cancer coming back. Women who have eaten dinner and the next day’s breakfast  They saw a 36 percent higher risk of developing breast cancer again after breast cancer treatment, compared to women who had a gap of 13 or more hours. The authors of the research noted that there is a need to investigate whether starvation at night can reduce the risk of disease.

small steps for big change

Starting exercise after treatment can be intimidating and also disturbing. It is a good idea to start small. For example: Aim to increase exercise by 10 to 15 minutes every week. Being with a friend during exercise really helps, and there are tons of exercise programs out there for people who have breast cancer.

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