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Hijab: ‘Burqa law’ came in Switzerland amid the uproar over hijab, if you cover your face in public places, you will be fined

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Switzerland Burqa Law


  • Face covering banned in Switzerland
  • draft of law sent to parliament
  • told to challenge the law

Switzerland Burqa Law: It has been almost a month since the ongoing protests against the hijab in Iran. The women here are demanding that they be allowed to wear clothes of their choice and they are burning the hijab. Now in Switzerland too, under the Burqa Ban Act, covering the face will attract a fine of Rs 82 thousand. The government of Switzerland has sent a draft of the law to the Parliament. It also includes several exemptions under which the ban on face coverings in diplomatic premises, places of worship and aircraft will not apply. In addition, it would be legal to wear a face covering for reasons related to health, safety, climatic conditions and local customs. Display of art and advertising are also exempted.

Under the draft law, wearing of masks will be allowed in exercise of the fundamental right to freedom of expression, if sanctioned by the authorities and public order is assured. Switzerland last year passed a resolution banning face coverings in public. The proposal was brought by the same group that had proposed a ban on Islamic minarets in 2009.

There is no direct mention of ‘burqa’ in the draft of the proposal

There is no direct mention of the burqa in the cabinet’s proposal for a fine for covering the face. If reports are to be believed, its purpose is to prevent violent protesters from wearing masks. But local politicians, media and campaigners have dubbed it the ‘burqa ban’. In a statement, the cabinet said the ban on face coverings is aimed at ensuring public safety and order. Punishment is not his priority. The DailyMail reported that supporters of the ban say “face coverings are a symbol of fundamentalism, political Islam”. Muslim groups have condemned the vote as discriminatory and called for a legal challenge.

Burqa is banned in many countries of Europe

The ban on wearing full face coverings in public was first imposed by France on 11 April 2011. Denmark, Austria, the Netherlands and Bulgaria also have a complete or partial ban on wearing face coverings in public. Muslims make up about 5 percent of Switzerland’s population, most of whom have roots in Turkey, Bosnia and Kosovo.

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