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From Taxi Driver to President, Putin’s Journey of 70 Years

Vladimir Putin Life: Russian President Vladimir Putin’s birthday (Vladimir Putin Birthday) is on 7 October. This time he turned 70 years old. His 70 years of life is a story of floor to aarsh. His story is from a taxi driver to one of the most powerful heads of state in the world. Russia’s war against Ukraine has been criticized from the beginning, but through this Putin has proved his immense power.

Even a super power like America hesitates to take direct iron from Russia. Putin has said that his Ukraine plan will not be changed at any cost and that any country that comes in the middle of it will have to face dire consequences. For this the option of using nuclear weapons is kept open. Recently, announcing the merger of four parts of Ukraine, Lohansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhia and Kherson, with Russia, Putin had openly challenged all Western countries, including the US, and said that international rules will not dictate how Russia lives its life. These words of Putin show how powerful he is.

Putin’s birth, childhood and period of failure

Vladimir Putin was born on 7 October 1952 in Leningrad. Putin’s father Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin was part of the Soviet Navy’s submarine fleet. Mother Maria Ivanovna Shelomova worked in a factory. These days were of poverty and deprivation. Putin loved to read. He made friends with books. Apart from books, he used to learn lessons from every day life. This also includes the street battles in which Putin had to fight with goons. On these occasions, Putin used to work on one principle and uses it even today.

When street goons surrounded Putin

Putin is also called street smart. Once Putin, narrating the events of his childhood, said that when goons surrounded him on the streets of Leningrad and there was no way to escape the fight, he would decide one thing that he would hit the first punch and hit hard. Putin seems to follow the same principle in political life, in terms of putting opponents to the sidelines or showing Russia’s power to the world.

After graduating from Leningrad University in 1975, Putin began working in the KGB. He was given the responsibility of supervising foreigners and consulate officials.

When you had to drive a taxi to drive home

There was a time when extra money was needed to run life, so Putin also worked as a taxi driver in his spare time. In fact, Russia was formed in 1991 after the breakup of the Soviet Union into 15 parts. During this, the financial condition of the country and the people there was bad. During that time Putin also had to drive a taxi to bear the expenses of the house. Putin has told about this in a recently released documentary film ‘Russia, New History’.

Putin has also told in an interview that at one time his grandfather used to be a cook. He used to prepare food for the father of the Russian Revolution, Lenin and his companion Joseph Stalin. According to Putin, Lenin and Stalin had given this work to his grandfather after thinking.

This is the beginning of Putin’s political journey

On 25 December 1991, when Mikhail Gorbachoff left the post of President of the Soviet Union, Boris Yeltsin got power. Yeltsin liked Putin’s work. Putin, who started working as an adviser to the mayor of Leningrad in 1990, benefited from his relationship with Yeltsin. He grew close to Yeltsin. In 1996, President Boris Yeltsin moved Putin from Leningrad to Moscow and hired him in his administrative office.

On 26 March 1997, Yeltsin appointed Putin as deputy head of the presidential administration. On 9 August 1999, Putin was made Deputy Prime Minister of Russia. After this one day Yeltsin came on TV and announced to make Putin his successor. Soon after, Putin was also given the responsibility of acting Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. During this, for the first time, Putin had expressed his desire to contest the presidential election.

wish fulfilled in 2012

In 1999, Putin became the Prime Minister of Russia and in 2012 he became the President of Russia for the first time. On March 1, 2018, Putin spent an hour in his two-hour speech simply stating that the US anti-missile defense system cannot stop Russia’s nuclear missiles.

Putin’s family

Putin married Lyudmila in 1983. The two separated in 2014. Putin has two daughters from Lyudmila. Elder daughter Maria is a biology specialist and younger daughter Katerina works at Moscow State University. To a question asked about daughters in 2015, Putin only replied, “She lives in Russia and I am proud of her.” I never talk to anyone about my family.” It is claimed that Putin has a close relationship with Olympic medalist Alina Kabaeva since 2008. His relationship with Hollywood star Pamela Anderson is also told.

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