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Elnaz Rekabik, who fought Iran’s radical and conservative thinking, disappeared, Iranian authorities suspected

TehranInternational turmoil increased on Tuesday when there were reports of the disappearance of Iranian mountaineer Elnaz Rekabik. Recabi participated in a competition in South Korea without a hijab. After this she left South Korea, but where, nothing is known about it. Recabi entered the competition without a hijab. Now after his disappearance, many things are happening. According to the Iranian media, it may be that the Iranian authorities have arrested him. However, this has been denied by the Iranian government.

joined without hijab
Elnaaz has won medals for her country in many competitions. As a part of the protest against the hijab, she decided to participate in the competition in South Korea without a hijab or head covering. The situation in Iran has remained violent since the death of 22-year-old Masha Amini on September 16. Masha was arrested by the country’s Morality Police because of her clothes. Due to the custodial death, demonstrations started everywhere in the country.

Iran was banned
From school children to oil workers and many more people have joined the demonstrations in Iran. Here voice is being raised against hijab on the streets. During the presidential elections in 2009, there were such fierce demonstrations in the country. Now 13 years later, these demonstrations have troubled the authorities. According to the Iranian embassy in Seoul, Rekabi caught the flight on Tuesday morning.

If BBC reports are to be believed, then Elnaz was banned but even after that she was in touch with many people of her country. If sources are to be believed, the Iranian authorities have confiscated Elnaz’s passport and his mobile phone. She was supposed to come back on Wednesday but she has not returned.

Is Evin in jail
Iranian-Canadian website Iran Wire’s journalist Maziyar Bahari has accused Iran of arresting Elnaz and imprisoned in the country’s infamous Avin Prison. Maziyar was also arrested once in Iran. A recent fire broke out at Evin Prison and eight inmates were killed.

The embassy kept quiet
The Iranian embassy has called this news completely false. A photograph of Elnaz has also been tweeted by the embassy, ​​after which the suspicion has deepened. This photograph is from a competition held in Russia in which she is wearing a hijab. Here he won a bronze medal. There is no response from the embassy as of now.


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