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Earth trembled due to the collision of meteorite on Mars, NASA released the audio of the earthquake, you also listen

Washington: Scientists studying Mars have disclosed on Thursday about a Christmas gift received last year. Actually on 24 December 2021, a meteorite hit the surface of Mars. This collision was so terrible that the tremors of the earthquake of the magnitude of 4 rector scale were felt. NASA’s InSight spacecraft, which landed on the surface of Mars four years ago, has detected this. There is a distance of 3,500 km between the place where the meteorite fell and where NASA’s InSight spacecraft is located.

The tremors felt on Mars are called marsquakes in English. The meteorite collision was confirmed by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO). The orbiter took a picture of the newly formed crater 24 hours after the collision. It is seen in this picture that a 150 meter wide and 21 meter deep crater was formed due to the fall of the meteorite. Snow has been seen around the crater. 16 years ago MRO started orbiting Mars. Since then, it has become the largest crater ever.

how big was the meteorite
“Meteor impacts on Mars are not rare, we never thought we’d ever see something so big,” Ingrid Dabur, who worked on the InSight and MRO missions, said on Thursday. Researchers estimate that this meteorite must have been between 16 and 39 feet in size. If something of this size moves towards the earth, then it ends up burning in the atmosphere itself. Planetary science professor Philippe Logan said Thursday that this is the biggest meteorite impact ever since science measured the tremors through seismographs.
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NASA released audio
NASA has released an audio recording of the collision, created from vibrations collected by the seismometer. Scientists said that this collision will give deep information about the interior of Mars, the history of the planet’s formation. The most surprising is about the snow found after the collision. Scientists believe that this ice will turn into water and become a gas in the atmosphere.


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