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Dinosaurs King: Not T-Rex, this scary creature was the real king of dinosaurs, had horns around the eyes, revealed

Washington: Dinosaurs of the T Rex species found on earth millions of years ago were called ‘King of Dinosaurs’. A recent research by paleontologists has now revealed that before the dreaded Terex, a fearsome creature was found which belonged to the Tyrannosaurus species. Scientists said that they have found a remains of this dinosaur, so that they will be able to answer the questions related to it. Horns were also found around the eyes of this very scary dinosaur.

Scientists say that Daspletosaurus wilsoni dinosaur, identified from the fossilized skull and skeleton, was found in North America 76.5 million years ago and may be the ancestor of T. Rex. This new species has been found in Montana, USA. It is believed to be a missing link between the older and newer genera in the Tyrannosaurus species. Scientists told that horns were found near the eyes of this dinosaur.

American scientists digging in Montana

Dinosaur named ‘Sisyphus’
All those features are found in this dinosaur which are found in the creatures of this species including T Rex. Daspletosaurus is called ‘scary lizard’ in Greek. The fossil was discovered by paleontologists at the Badland Dinosaur Museum in North Dakota. This also includes the bones of the thumb. This remains was found in Judith River between 2017 and 2021. This dinosaur was originally discovered by crew member Jack Wilson. They found its bone.

When this place was excavated, huge remains of dinosaurs were found. The joint of this dinosaur’s spine shows that this creature was huge in size but its bones were 25 feet high rock. This dinosaur has been named ‘Sisyphus’. Sisyphus in Greek means the god of death who is buried under a mountain after defeating death twice. Researchers believe that this creature was found 77 million to 75 million years ago. The story of the discovery of this dinosaur has been published in a research journal.


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