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Cooking Tips: How to Make Apple Jam at Home (Recipe Video Inside)

If you look into any kitchen storage, you can store a wide variety of spices when you need them. Be it pickles or mayonnaise or ketchup, every kitchen has its own unique list of products, depending on the palate and preference. But what remains constant everywhere is the bottle of jam. very agree? Jam is probably one of the most popular spreads available around the world. Be it Mix Fruit Jam or Mango Jam, we love to have them all in our store. Spread it on bread or use it as a filling for bread rolls – Jam is widely used in our daily meals. And the best part is that it is easily available at every grocery store nearby. But do you know that you can easily make it at home too. You heard us We’ve got a delicious jam recipe that’s not only easy to make, but it can also be stored for about six months. This is a classic apple jam recipe.

If you wonder, what’s so unique about this homemade apple jam, let us tell you—it doesn’t contain any preservatives, making the jam a healthier option. This special recipe has been shared by food vlogger Reshu on his YouTube channel ‘Cooking with Reshu’. let’s take a look.

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How to Make Classic Apple Jam at Home:

  • Begin by cleaning the apples and wiping them dry. Peel off the skin and cut it into small pieces.
  • Put the chopped apples in a pan and cook till the apples become soft.
  • When cooked, mash the apples with a masher. Or cool the apples and grind them in a mixer grinder.
  • Add sugar to the mashed apples and mix everything together. Cook till the sugar dissolves completely.
  • Add cinnamon, cardamom powder and red food color and mix until the jam becomes thick.
  • Switch off the gas and add lemon juice to it. The juice will act as a natural preservative.
  • Let it cool, pour the jam into a clean jar and store it in the fridge for five to six months.

Watch the detailed recipe video of apple jam below:

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Such an easy recipe, isn’t it? We suggest, try this recipe and make your own homemade jam today.

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