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China: Xi Jinping will be the President of China until “death” comes, the eyes of the whole world on the ‘National Congress’, what will happen in it?

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  • National Congress meeting to be held in China
  • Xi will once again become the President of the country
  • Xi Jinping removed most of the restrictions

China Xi Jinping Elections: Journalist Ho Pin, who has been guessing correctly for decades regarding the change of power in China, says that no matter who gets the post, but this time too, the power of China will remain in the hands of President Xi Jinping. Significantly, China’s most important political meeting to be held once in a decade is going to start on Sunday, but just before this meeting, this New York journalist (Ho Pin) says that the way Jinping took control of power Looking at him, nothing more remains to be said.

“Who is going to be part of the standing committee, it has nothing to do with it,” he said. He said this with reference to those who could be elected to lead the Communist Party for the next five years. Ho Pin says, ‘No matter who they are, they all have one thing in common, they all listen to Xi.’ This is a big change from the old days because earlier, during or before this election, the divisive factions used to leak information about their opponents to the foreign media, but now it is not so.

When was Xi elected president?

Ten years ago, just before Xi was elected president, before the Congress of the Communist Party in China, many political controversies and scandals came to the fore throughout the country. The biggest and most important event was the murder of a British industrialist by the wife of Bo Xilai, an important political figure of the period. Bo was expelled from the party after the incident and sentenced to life in prison for bribery and corruption. With this the political career of Xi’s main rival came to an end.

There is no noise about the party Congress to be held this year as compared to the old days. Journalist Ho says that factionalism, pluralism and open political differences have all but disappeared, once part of China’s single-party system. “A whole new chapter is beginning in Chinese politics,” he said. It is noteworthy that even in the time of Chairman Mao Zedong, who founded the Communist Party of China in 1949, there were rival factions. During his reign many politicians were removed, then brought back and then removed. Mao also encouraged differences between factions to increase his power.

Xi lifts sanctions

After his death, Deng Shaoping relaxed things to a great extent, which led to rapid economic development of the country and to some extent liberalism. He fixed the maximum limit for both the tenure and age of the party leaders, so that no one again becomes extremely powerful like Mao in the country. But the incumbent President Xi dismissed these rules and largely abolished these restrictions. He not only stopped nominating successors to the Standing Committee, but also ended the two-term (five-year) restriction for the Chinese presidency. After this change, Xi can be elected the country’s president for the third time and if he wants, he can stay in this post for life.

Journalist Ho Pin says the change has made it more difficult to predict new appointments. While the Old Testament remains in effect, journalist Ho has been able to accurately estimate leadership changes in China four times since 2002, based on the officials’ age, education, work experience, and their relationships with other leaders. But now he says the new leadership will likely be chosen by Xi himself and that the election will be based on his loyalty and ability.

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