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Brazilian Instagram influencer shot dead at home, dead body found covered in blood

Brazilian Influencer Shot Dead: Brazil’s popular Instagram Influencer was shot dead in his home. Two people have been charged with murder. After committing the murder, both fled on the bike from the spot. Nubia Cristina Braga, 23, had 60 thousand followers on Instagram. She was found dead in her home in Brazil.

Braga’s body found covered in blood

According to the New York Post, “Nubia Christina went to the saloon just before the murder, and shortly after returning, two men came on motorcycles and entered her house. They opened fire at Santa indiscriminately. They fled the scene and officers arrived after that. Braga was found dead lying in a pool of blood at 9 pm.”

What did the masked killers kill Braga?

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The identity and motive of the masked killers in this entire case is unknown. However, the police has now started the investigation of the murder. Along with this, the police has also appealed to the local people that if they have any information related to this matter, then they must tell the police. Police said that this is very important for the arrest of the culprits.

family members in shock

According to Brazilian news portal G1, Nubia’s relatives have been in shock since the murder of Cristina Braga. They are still searching for the answer to the question why Nubia was murdered. Nubia’s family, Claudia Menezes, said, “We want to know why they did this to Nubia.” He also told that the mother of the deceased is living on medicines and every member of the family is shocked by the news of death.

Was Braga receiving threats?

However, when Nubia’s kin, Claudia, was asked if her niece was receiving any threats? So he told that his relatives were unaware of the possibility that someone was threatening Nubia. “Nubia did not say anything that she was receiving threats,” he said.

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