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Black hole made ‘sawdust’ of the star, after 8.5 billion years the most powerful light ever reached the earth

Washington: In February, scientists caught a bright light in space. This light came from a star that had reached very close to the supermassive black hole. The black hole had broken this star into pieces. But now scientists have discovered that this rare event actually happened 8.5 billion light-years away from Earth. When the universe was just one-third of its present age. This star was broken 8.5 billion years ago, which was seen in February. This star has raised more questions than it has given answers to astronomers.

This bright light was named by the scientists as AT 2022cmc. This bright light was first seen on February 11 by the Palomar Observatory of the California Institute of Technology. When a star is torn apart by the gravitational force of a black hole, it is known as a tidal disruption event. These are known violent events in space, which astronomers have observed before. AT 2022cmc is the brightest and most distant light ever observed.

light coming straight to earth
Astronomers believe that when the black hole would have swallowed the star, a huge amount of energy would have come out of it. This would spread jets of light into distant space. Scientists believe that AT 2022cmc appeared so bright because the jets were directed directly towards the Earth. This Doppler-boosting effect known as. This discovery can provide important information related to the development of super massive black holes. Along with this, it can also be ascertained that how do black holes swallow stars?

100 times more light
Two separate studies have been published in the journal Nature Astronomy and Nature regarding this event. Usually when a massive star explodes, it emits powerful X-ray jets that are the brightest in the night sky. Astronomers analyzed this signal from the Neutron Star Interior Composition Explorer (NICER), an X-ray telescope aboard the International Space Station. Researchers say this is the most luminous gamma-ray burst ever recorded, which is 100 times more powerful than previous gamma-ray bursts.


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