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1600 years after the death of Santa Claus, his tomb was found in Turkey, know everything about it

Ankara: Demre is a small town south of the Antalya district of Turkey, where there is a very old church. This church was completely covered centuries ago by the rising water level of the Mediterranean Sea. Now there are reports of finding the tomb of Santa Claus in this church. It is said that another church was built on top of the original building, which was built for the purpose of protecting the tomb of Saint Nicholas. Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus. Yes, there are reports from Turkey that 1600 years after the death of Saint Nicholas, his tomb has been found in the ancient church.

steps were taken here
Archaeologists have recently examined some mosaic stones and other stones. With its help, he found the real church and the tomb of Saint Nicholas. Osman Iravsar, head of the provincial cultural heritage protection board in Antalya, told the news agency Demiroren: ‘The first church was submerged by the rise of the Mediterranean Sea. A few centuries later a new church was built on top of it. Now we have reached the remains of the first church and the floor where Saint Nicholas stepped.

famous for miracles
He further said that the floor tiling of the first church, on which Saint Nicholas walked, has been traced. Saint Nicholas is said to have lived in Turkey between 270 and 343 BC. He was a Greek and was a bishop. Little is known about his life. Santa Claus is known for the miracles that happened in his life. His supporters claimed that these miracles showed how great he was. Saint Nicholas is considered to be Santa Claus.

story of santa claus
There is a famous story about him. It is said that he gave a bag full of gold coins to three poor young sisters so that they could give dowry for marriage. To save the sisters from embarrassment in front of everyone, he had scattered the bags of gold from the windows of their room in the middle of the night. It is said that when Saint Nicholas was throwing another bag full of gold coins into the room, the girls’ father saw them.

He said that he will always be in favor of Saint Nicholas. But the saint asked him to promise that he would not tell anyone about it. Santa Claus The name comes from the Dutch word Sinter Claus, which is a short form of Saint Nicholas.


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