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10 interesting things about UK PM Rishi Sunak, who has an idol of Lord Ganesha on the desk and worships the cow

London: Rishi Sunak, 42, is the new Prime Minister of Britain. Liz Truss resigned within just 45 days and with this the way was opened for her to become PM. In the year 2017, Sunak won the Parliament election and from here his popularity increased. When he became the chancellor in lockdown, his popularity skyrocketed. Today, 5 feet 6 inches, Sunak reached 10 Downing Street and with this the discussion on Hinduism also started. This news that came on the occasion of Diwali is like a bonus good news for every Indian. Even if, after all, the whites who once kept the country as slaves, today a person belonging to the same country will rule there. Sunak had once called himself a proud Hindu and now people are discussing his statement fiercely. 10 special things about Sunak make him more popular.

oath of the Bhagavad Gita
In the year 2020, Rishi Sunak was sworn in as the Finance Minister. During this, he took oath by placing his hand on Bhagavad Gita and he became the favorite of every Indian. When a British newspaper asked him on this, he answered it in his own style. The sage said, ‘I am a citizen of Britain now but my religion is Hindu. India is my religious and cultural heritage. I can proudly say that I am a Hindu and being a Hindu is my identity. Sunak, who has a statue of Lord Ganesha on his desk, has also appealed to give up beef on religious grounds. He himself does not consume beef. Rishi does not even drink alcohol. Even today, there is a small statue of Lord Ganesha on the sage’s desk which was kept by his wife Akshata.
Britain got its first Hindu PM on Diwali, two years ago Rishi Sunak had lit diyas on Downing Street
cow worship

In August this year, when Rishi was in the race for the post of Prime Minister for the first time, a video of him worshiping a cow became quite viral. On the occasion of Janmashtami, the sage along with his wife Akshara worshiped the cow. Rishi and Akshara are parents to two daughters Krishna and Anushka. Sunak was started to be called the next Prime Minister of the country from the year 2020. Sunak did his schooling from Winchester College, UK. It is one of the most prestigious schools in the country. After this, he reached Oxford and Stanford University in America and completed his further studies from here. Before joining politics, he worked at Goldman Sachs and a few other companies.

what is dishi sage
In 2015, his name was heard outside the UK when he first tried his luck for the House of Commons. During the Kovid-19 in the year 2020, when the whole world experienced the lockdown for the first time, then Sunak started getting noticed by everyone. Sunak tweeted his photo from work from home in a gray hoodie. In this photo of Sunak, a former investment banker, his simplicity won the hearts of people. Sunak, who was seen in a hoodie instead of a suit, was busy with his work. The #DishyRishi trend started on Twitter after this photo. This was not a new hashtag. Earlier this hashtag was for Rishi Sharma, who danced in a British TV show. Sunak’s image of family man started attracting everyone.
From the waiter in the restaurant to the PM’s chair… India’s son is in command of England, these 5 things you should know about Rishi Sunak
pakistan punjabi
Rishi Sunak comes from a Punjabi Khatri family. Rishi’s grandfather Ramdas Sunak lived in Gunjrawala who had migrated to Pakistan after partition. Ramdas left Gunjrawala in 1935 and came to Nairobi to work as a clerk. Michael Ashcroft, who wrote the biography of Rishi, has told that Ramdas Sunak went to Nairobi due to the deteriorating relationship between Hindu and Muslim. Ramdas’s wife Suhag Rani Sunak had come to Delhi from Gunjrawala and was accompanied by her mother-in-law. After this she went to Kenya in 1937.
The wheel of time has turned, even the British would not have thought.
Nana Punjabi of India

Rishi’s maternal grandfather Raghubir Beri was a resident of Punjab. Then he went to Tanzania as a railway engineer. Here he married Tanzania-born Saraksha Sunak. According to the biograph, Saraksha had gone to the UK in 1966 on a one-way ticket that she had bought after selling her wedding jewellery. Berry also moved to the UK and worked there with Inland Revenue for several years. After this, he became the Member of Order under the British Monarchy in the year 1988. The couple had three children, one of whom was Rishi’s mother Usha. He earned a degree in Pharmacology from Ashton University in 1972. The parents first met in Leicester and they got married in 1977.

parental sacrifice
The issue of Rishi Sunak being an immigrant citizen is raised every time. Former PM Liz Truss also once mentioned this in the debate. On this the sage had said, ‘You keep raising this issue again and again. Let me tell you that my family came here 60 years ago today. My mother was a local chemist in South Hampton. I grew up here distributing medicines. I worked as a waiter in an Indian restaurant on the road. I am standing here because I work hard, my parents have made sacrifices and they have given me the opportunities that make me want to be the Prime Minister.


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